Heidelberg CD 102 7P LX

Price on request
Ref: IGML/2016/20
Year: 1996
Impressions: 165 Million
Availability: Immediately
Max sheet length: 1020
Max sheet width: 720
Condition: Good

Age: 1996

Impression count: c 165 million

Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Condition: Good

Complete and in working condition: Yes
Possible to print on Plastic, transparent material, carton, papers and metalized material

Equipped with:
7/0, 1/6,
CP Tronic,
CPC 1 -04,
Alcolor Damping,
Electronic Double Sheet Control,
Electronic Side Lay Control,
Non – stop Delivery,
Technotrans Refrigeration & Re-circulation,
Auto Blanket Wash,
Auto Ink Roller Wash,
Auto Impression Cylinder Wash,
Grafix Exatronic Spray,
Ink Temperature Control,
Mix Roller,
Ink Agitators,
Extended Delivery,
UV and IR Dryer in Delivery,
Hot Air in Delivery,
3 Interdeck UV Dryer,
IST UV Dryer,
Full Position to Install Interdeck Dryer,
Anilox Coater,
Complete and in Working Condition